Welcome to Pink Door Interiors. We are a boutique interior design and staging firm based in Santa Clara California serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We work with homeowners, real estate professionals, investors and more. We like to help our clients navigate the complex world of colors, textures, furniture and design to unlock the beauty of their spaces that leave a lasting impression. We pay attention to the smallest of details that gets overlooked by most.





With our help, homeowners transform their spaces into a warm and inviting experience.  We lovingly craft the best fit for space, budget and vision.  We work across color, texture, and furniture to find the right fit.

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We help realtors leave a lasting impression with their buyers.  People visualize the home at its best.  We work with occupied and vacant homes to highlight the best features and create a visual experience.


We guide clients that want to do everything themselves.  We help clients evaluate the space, think through construction and remodeling decisions that ultimately lead to the best interior design.